Helping you get the most out of your microscope.

Munich Medical is unique in the microscope arena in that we do not care which brand of microscope you use. Think of us as microscope agnostic. We do want to help you improve the function and ergonomics of your existing microscope. The optics of your microscope should last you your career. However things are constantly changing in the microscope community. With our help we can bring your microscope up to speed.

Serving the Medical & Dental Community

Welcome to the Munich Medical! Munich Medical has been serving the greater Bay Area for over 30 years. We strive to give the best customer service to both the Medical and Dental community. In addition to the companies Munich Medical represents we also offer various adapters and extenders for your microscope.

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German Optics and Design

Munich Medical is one of the US distributors for CJ Optik. In addition to their Flexion microscope, CJ offers a full line of microscope accessories for any brand. Their Vario objective can improve the working distance of most existing microscopes.

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Microsope Adaptors & Extenders

Munich Medical produces a number of adaptors and extenders that help improve the function of your microscope. Our adaptors allow you to swap parts between microscope manufacturers and our extenders improve the ergonomics of your current microscope.

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